"But what'll l become?"
"That's not a profession."
"Not yet. Travel, write, translate, learn to live everywhere. Begin at once. The future belongs to the curious."
(Henri-Pierre Roché)

My background

I have always had a great curiosity and fascination for that which lies beyond the confines of my everyday life, and studying foreign languages therefore seemed the ideal way of nurturing my desire to learn. After graduating from secondary school with a specialisation in foreign languages, I continued my studies in Forlì, where I completed a degree in Specialised Translation at the Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators in 2011, consolidating my knowledge of German and English through two periods spent abroad, in Leipzig and Sydney.

My professional experience

My first real job as a translator was at a translation agency in Milan. The three years I spent there were essential for my professional growth, offering me an insight into:

In 2014, I decided to bid farewell to my office desk and undertake a new adventure as a freelance translator. Theautonomy and freedom that I gained led me to immediately restructure my daily work times, with greater responsibility and a touch more discipline in order to confront the challenges of this profession with determination.
I deal with the translation and revision of various types of texts from a range of sectors in my working languages (English, German, and Italian). I make use of software on an ad hoc basis and always stick to the values that underpin all my work in order to provide my clients with accurate, reliable services.

My values
Word after word, my knowledge continues to grow thanks both to direct experience and to continuous training: for me, these two intrinsically connected elements are fundamental for offering increasingly reliable services over time.
Reliability is essential for building a relationship of trust with my clients, for whom I act as an ever-available partner, always open to dialogue in order to satisfy their demands.
This is the basis of the end result of my work: high-quality texts produced with close attention to the smallest details.